About Us

Hey, I’m Jessica from HerSewCrafts,

My partner and I work together to design and make dog beds. It has always been a dream for both of us to run our own business.

I have always had a desire for excellent customer service, having worked in different environments both in customer service management as well as in sewing and crafting has helped me gain this knowledge. knowledge and skills.

My partner Jack has always been close to his career, he is an auto technician in the accident repair industry. Before starting the business, I worked with Jack as customer service manager at the same accident repair garage. Now he works with me making luxury dog ​​beds and other jobs.

We've been crafting cozy dog ​​beds and dens since 2020 and are now looking forward to moving forward with our line of luxury Italian Greyhound & Whippet collars.

My favourite breed has always been the Italian Hound, I feel extremely lucky to have my 2 Iggy's Bella & Tilly 🐾

Jessica and Jack.